2013 Mazda 6 Sedan

The 2013 Mazda 6 Sedan is one of the latest production of the Mazda. This car is a derivative of the Mazda Takeri concept ever displayed at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. As expressed by Chief Designer Akira Tamatani, the Mazda 6 Sedan has a strong working system, has a high stability, and gives the impression of tremendous vitality without compromising aesthetic appeal. This car is also appropriate as a CD cover of a magazine. Akira Tamatani also added: We have created a design in which the wild and dynamic expressions of motion artistically realize a powerful presence. Simply looking at the car heightens one’s expectations about the driving experience even before actually riding in it.”
On the front bumper, also equipped with wings emblem. This symbol is also synonymous with the unifying element of the new Mazda family. The designers of this car is also a dynamic complement to the overall body shape. It aims to deliver a strong desire for a new movement. In the rear view reflect stability through balanced proportions between the body, the compact cabin and more prominent rear fender. For the headlights, halo ring lamps and signature LED luminescence is Mazda’s first mass production.

In the passenger compartment provide convenience and safety, with decorations horizontal line that extends toward the center panel to AC louvers and the circular shape of the dashboard. The material used is very soft. In this case use for frequently touched areas such as door trim and the upper part of the instrument panel. In decorating style instrument panel has two attractive colors, namely Bordeaux Dark Metal and Metal.

On the performance side, Mazda 6 Sedan using an “i-ELOOP” brake energy regeneration system. The effect of the application is to provide improved fuel efficiency in real-world situations. In addition, Mazda is equipped with “i-stop”. Is Mazda’s default idling stop system, and introduced to the new 2013 Mazda 6 Sedan. Use of this system gives the award for single of nanotechnology in the catalyst increases the exhaust gas after the maintenance process and reduce the amount of precious metals needed.


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