2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse can be described as a entry-level sports car, with its sporty teenager looks and less than reliable history. However, The 2012 eclipse may save some face.

Lets start with some specs. The Eclipse comes in 2 different engine configurations, but four overall models. The GS, GS Sport, and SE will come with a 2.4 liter aluminum headed MI-VEC i4 engine. Power ratings for it stand at 162 hp and 162 ft-lb torque. Now, if you happen to be someone other than a teenager just out of high school you may want the Eclipse GT. It is mated with a 3.8 liter aluminum headed MI-VEC V6 engine. What could be worth the youngster put downs? 265 horse power! of course there’s torque to go with that too, 262 ft-lbs to be exact. Sadly, when it comes to the transmission, the GT only comes with a 4-speed automatic and the only model to come with optional manual 5-speed is the GS. Who ever decided to make the GT automatic should be at the very least poked in the eye. Gas mileage is less than eye-opening as well with an estimated 20 city and 28 highway. With all this disappointment comes some good news. Mitsubishi has decided to install 650 watts of audio equipment from Rockford Fosgate into every model except the GS.

As written out in my earlier statements the Eclipse is and has been an entry-level sports car, which in other words means it’s a teenager’s beater car. The engine will only give the driver enough juice to get to 80 while the transmission won’t let you get to the left-lane of the interstate. The interior is meant more for the simple-minded with its blue gauges and lack of digital instrumentation. When it comes to the 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse, we are sad to say we’ll pass. Now if they were more like the 1999 Eclipse version, with an added turbo, we may reconsider.

[Source: redlineboostnews.wordpress.com]


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